Ramada Ocean Shores Washington

Ramada Ocean Shores During a stay at the Ramada Hotel in Ocean Shores my wife and I were surprised to be caught in a late April snow and hail storm upon our arrival in this scenic town.

Checking in was very smooth and the helpful staff pointed out parking options as well as the location of our room upon handing us the keys. The room was spacious king suite, and I noticed that the kitchenette was well stocked with cups, plates, and utensils, as well as a microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher, as well as a double burner and sink. This came in handy during our stay, as our late night dinner at Dugans Pizza resulted in plenty of left over pizza, chicken wings, and soda which were easily reheated for lunch the following afternoon.

The room had a great view of the ocean directly from our bed. It was a bit unusual to have the television on the other side of the suite so we could not watch it from bed, but waking up to the amazing view that we did made it well worth the effort to sit on the catch for our television watching.
The couch also doubled as a fold out bed, which allows for more relaxation should quests wish it, or be traveling with other guests. The cable in the room was good, and included many of our favorites such as the Sci-Fi Channel, Cartoon Network, and Spike. I know it sounds silly, especially on a relaxing trip, but there are times you want to relax to your favorite shows or old favorites, and far too many hotels of late only offer the local stations and a small handful of stations.

The bathroom had a large shower as well as a well sized sink and counter area as well as a hair dryer. The room also had an ironing board and ample closet and drawer space.

The hotel does offer free internet but you have to plug in via a cable, (Which the hotel will provide free to use if you do not have one). The only bad thing is that I learned many of the outlets are in bizarre locales such as behind the couch, which required me to move the couch slightly and balance my travel laptop on the corner of the couch.

The Ramada also offers a great spa which will allow guests to indulge in a variety of treatments ranging from massages to wraps. The hotel also has a mini arcade and an indoor water park, Captain Yarr’s, which offers plenty of fun.

We enjoyed a nice lunch at the North Shore Grill which is located on site, and serves as the hotel’s restaurant and source of room service. The North Shore Grill offers all you can eat pancakes for 4.00 and a nice variety of burgers and appetizers for lunch as well as a selection of breakfast options for early morning diners.

For those wishing for heartier fare, the menu offers steaks, seafood, and pasta dishes during dinner hours. We enjoyed our burgers, but found our Nacho appetizer to be overcooked which spoiled the great presentation of the dish.

The next morning we were surprised to awaken to another snow fall, but thankfully it did not stay around long, and the sun came out for a nice day. We ran many errands around the town, and also found time to stop at the Quinault Casino to play a few slots and check up on the hotel since our review last year.

That night we took a quiet stroll along the beach and settled in our room for a quiet and relaxing evening.

Check out was very quick, and we were sad to see our stay end, but were happy to discover a new place to stay, and look forward to our next trip.

Ramada Hotel & Resort
845 Ocean Shores Blvd NW
Ocean Shores, WA 98569