Barb’s Fish and Chips are a must try when in Victoria B.C.


One of scenic Victoria’s best kept secrets is Barb’s Place floating seafood restaurant. From my first visit to this beautiful city, I had heard local cabbies tout the offerings of Barb’s as simply the best fish and chips anywhere in British Columbia. After a short ride via water taxi to Fisherman’s Wharf, I was dropped off at a dock containing a seafood and bait shop, and several houseboats. At first I did not notice the long lines, but soon it was clear that people were lining up to sample the cuisine.

I had been expecting a formal restaurant, but was happy to see that it was a modest looking walk up restaurant, where you placed your order at the counter and watched the cooks, hand dip or prepare your order while you wait. Naturally I selected fish and chips, ($17.50 Canadian) which I was pleased to see where wrapped in wax paper and newspaper in the traditional English style. While some may say that roughly Fifteen Dollars is a bit much for fish and chips, the food is fresh daily and prepared fresh in front of the customers. The large order came complete with Cole slaw and all the sauces I could want thanks to a self serve sauce area.

The batter on the fish and the quality of the cuts was amazing and I struggled to find a memory for better fish and chips anywhere in England, Scotland, Whales, The United States, or Canada, and failed. My wife decided to try their steamed clams, ($10.25 Canadian) and said they were beyond belief in terms of quality, freshness and taste. We decided to eat at one of the benches around Barb’s and noted that a local attraction, a seal who is local resident had appeared once again to entertain those who were waiting for their orders.

On numerous other trips to Barb’s I noted that the seal was always there and sometimes brought along friends and sea otters who wisely decided to make this area their home base, so they can dine on the leftovers from the nearby bait and seafood shop. Barb’s also offers selections ranging from Burgers to Breakfast, as well as salads, desserts, and a kids menu for quests wishing something other than seafood. Barb’s is open during the spring and summer months only usually from April until October. For amazing seafood, at a great price, make sure to make the trip to Barb’s when in Victoria as you will be glad that you did. For more on Barb’s Menu and Pricing click on: