Bruce Almighty

What would you do if you had the powers of God? This is the question that drives the new comedy “Bruce Almighty”, a new comedy that sees a likeable guy named Bruce (Jim Carrey), endowed with the powers of god after his complaining gets so severe that God himself, (Morgan Freeman), tasks Bruce do see if he could do a better job in the same role.

At first Bruce is skeptical, but eventually comes to love his new powers and uses them in a series of hysterical events that range from seducing his girlfriend Grace (Jennifer Anniston), to taking revenge on a backstabbing co-worker at his job as a television reporter. Bruce also uses his powers to push his career, as he develops a reputation as Mr. Exclusive thanks to his divine ability to be on the spot for all manner of spectacular events that oddly seem to happen when Bruce is covering his usual human-interest stories.

Naturally things are all not fun and games, as Bruce comes to learn that with great powers comes great responsibilities, and is reminded by God that he has yet to use his powers to help anyone other than himself after his first week on the job. Bruce sets about answering prayers but is so overwhelmed by them, that he starts to rubber-stamp prayers with a yes response via his computer. Thinking he is helping Bruce is shocked when he sees the results as thousands of people win the lottery at once and riot when they learn that they only receive a meager $17.00 due to so many winners. Bruce is forced to learn that his actions no matter how well meaning can have unforeseen negative reactions.

The film did a good job at keeping things light and funny without having a heavy- handed segment where Bruce is forced to learn that sometimes despite great powers, tragic and bad things can happen. Instead the film concentrates on the laughs, and there are many, as well as subtly inserts some nuggets of wisdom pertaining to God, happiness, and life. Carrey is fantastic in the role and is a true delight to watch. It was nice to see him back in a larger than life comedy role after some good dramatic turns as despite all of his talent, his is still one of the most gifted comedians on film today and his absence from comedies was missed. Anniston does a nice job in the role of Grace as though it is not a deep role she plays the part with a natural charm and sweetness that adds to what would otherwise have been a throw away part.

The film is a very funny and enjoyable film and I was very happy and surprised to see that many of the best laughs and segments were not contained in the trailers. “Bruce Almighty” will make you laugh and you will leave the theater with a smile. Good job all around and welcome back to your roots Jim, you have been sorely missed.

4 stars out of 5