The line between madness and sanity can often be reduced to a matter of perspective. For example, Joan of Arc. To some she was a divine messenger, to others she was deluded person who in modern times would be called a cult leader,
as she claimed to have otherworldly visions and recruited members for her cause.

In the new thriller “Frality” director and star Bill Paxton weaves a tight and chilling thriller that is easily one of the best directorial debuts in film history. The story revolves around a series of unsolved murders committed by a killer called the Hand of God Killer. The police and FBI are unable to gain any leads on the case, and are at a loss for leads. One rainy night special agent Wesley Doyle (Powers Boothe) is called into the FBI office in Dallas to investigate a lead. A young man named Fenton Meiks (Matthew Mc Conaughney) has asked to speak to Doyle and claims that he knows who the killer is. When Meiks explains his younger brother Adam did the killings, Doyle is skeptical to say the least. As Fenton explains his story, the film flashes back several years to a small Texas town. Fenton and Adam are living a mostly happy and secure life as their loving widowed father (Bill Paxton), raises them. Their lives are uprooted one evening when their father claims that an Angel visited him, and that the three of them have been chosen to destroy demons that are on Earth doing the bidding of Satan as they prepare for Judgment Day.

Fenton is skeptical of the news and his concern grows as his father brings home weapons to slay the demons, and shows his sons a list of names that are demons for them to slay. Fenton’s fears turn to terror when his father brings home a person and kills them. He tells his sons that he is doing Gods work, and that he has killed a Demon not a person. Adam has no problems with his father’s tasks, but Fenton’s fear is growing with each new victim. Unwilling to take part in the activities, Fenton is punished by his Father for his lack of faith, and prays that his son will see the light before it is to late.

To tell more of the back story would ruin what is a very tight and exciting thriller, with some great twists and turns and a shocking ending. Suffice it to say, that “Frality” is easily one of the best horror film in recent memory as it relies on storytelling, suspense, and characters to tell the story and convey the fear rather than relying on gore. The film will be a different thing to different people as I heard some people at the press-screening question certain aspects of the film and the story. I found it to be a very well-made film that will entertain and well as make you think, and the fantastic direction of Bill Paxton in his directorial debut are all reasons why I highly recommend this movie

4.5 stars out of 5