Jason X

Just when you thought it was safe to return to the local theater, along comes “Jason X”, the tenth installment of the popular Friday the 13th series. Having grown tired of the summer camp settings of the majority of the series the creators set recent installments in New York City as well as played with the formula by having Jason possess people as was shown in the last two films of the series.

This is a new era and this time Jason is back to his old tricks in an entirely new setting. After being cryogenically frozen in 2010, Jason and a female scientist are discovered by a student survey team and revived in the year 2455 where Earth has become uninhabitable. Warnings about Jason and his ability to regenerate from any injury are unheeded as the lure of big money is motivating the group’s leader Professor Lowe (Johnathan Potts) rather than the safety of the students and crew of the ship. Before long, Jason is up to his old tricks increasing his body count as he unleashes new and gruesome ways to dispatch the crew.

Being a horror film, the plot is secondary to the action and director James Isaac does not let the film get overly serious and even pokes fun at itself and the series. There are a number of lines and situations where the audience could ask if the characters could be any dumber, however in an interesting twist, these sort of situations as well as others are setup and carried off with intentional comedic results that had the audience laughing and thus providing a nice break from the scares and gore.
The cast is made up of largely unknowns and they are about as forgettable as the movie as they exist to be little more than fodder for Jason. I found it interesting to note that by the year 2455, students are still as ditzy as they are portrayed in 2002, and have libidos that make the 1984 LA Lakers look like a Vestal Virgin convention. That being said, “Jason X” is a standard horror film that has a few twists for the audience. Although you will have seen all of this before, the space setting and the humor helps make the film stand out from some of the stale installments of the series, but the lack of a story and character development keeps this film from being a true Horror classis. My advice, if you are a fan of the series gather your friends and wait for the video.

2.5 stars out of 5