Legally Blonde 2

Clad is bright colors, a cheery attitude, and armed with her dog Bruiser, Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) is taking her act to the nations capitol in the new comedy “Legally Blonde 2: Red White and Blonde and the laughs follow with her.

The films starts with Woods planning her marriage to Harvard Law professor Emmitt Richmond (Luke Wilson), and searching for the mother of her dog Bruiser so she can be included in the pending wedding. Life is great for Elle as not only is she about to marry a great guy, but also is about to be promoted to a fine position in her firm. That is until the private investigator hired to locate Bruiser’s mom has located her in a cosmetic testing lab, and when Elle’s efforts on behalf of the dog anger a top client of the firms (who just happen to be heavily invested in the cosmetics company), Elle is soon out of a job when she decided to put her morals over profit.

Elle soon lands on her feet working for Representative Rudd (Sally Field) as a lobbyist. Right off Elle’s chipper attitude and passion for bright colors seem to rub many in her office as well as some members of Washington the wrong way, but through determination and her own special charm, Elle soon is working on introducing a bill to eliminate animal testing.

Naturally things do not go as planned, as the sweet-natured Elle is given a harsh lesson in politics and backroom deals, and is forced to settle in for the fight of her life. Elle is aided in her quest by a friendly doorman named Sidney (Bob Newhart), who is very wise in the ways of D.C. and who the power players are and is all to happy to help Elle in her quest. Also on hand is Elle’s hairdresser friend Paulette (Jennifer Coolidge), and several of her sorority sisters who turn the city into an avalanche of bright colors and enthusiasm in their support of Elle.

Elle soon shows that she is more than a pretty face and is capable of going up against whatever and whomever is put before her in her pursuit for what her heart tells her is right. There are some very funny moments in the film and there are a few nice reminders about how government is supposed to work without being heavy-handed about the message. While light on character and depth, Witherspoon is utterly charming and makes this film work through her radiant personality and energy. Newhart gives a great supporting performance and the pacing of the film is very crisp making “Legally Blonde 2” not only better than the original, but an enjoyable summer farce.

3.5 stars out of 5