What Woman Want

The battle between the sexes has raged on for years with both men and women trying to understand the other sex, and to try to realize what the other truly wants. It was said that Sigmund Freud spent his final days debating women, and was very frustrated that he could not come to an understanding of them.

In today’s modern world, where nothing seems to be beyond the reach of technology, and where new discoveries, such as mapping the human genome continue to stagger and amaze, one question continues to confound men today, as it has through the eons, what do woman want?
This holiday season, Hollywood has taken a very funny, look at this issue, and the result is the new Mel Gibson film, “What Woman Want” Gibson plays Nick, Marshall, a playboy Chicago add executive, who is a true mans man. The films intro tells us that Nick was raised by a showgirl mother, and as a result, views woman more as objects to play with, and never really takes the time from his womanizing or busy life style to open up to them or understand them and their needs. Nick not only has an ex wife, (Lauren Holly) and a daughter (Ashley Johnson) who he has so little contact with that he does not even remember her age.
Things are going very well for nick at work, he is considered to be a huge success, and he is poised to land a big promotion. A slight fork in his plans arises when the add company decides to give the job to a woman, (Helen Hunt) as the board wants to tap into the booming market for woman, and who better than a woman to know how to sell products to a woman than a woman.
It is shortly after the first meeting with his new boss that Nick decides to try to understand woman, as he is trying a variety of feminine products in order to understand his target audience. During a very funny scene where Nick attempt to wax his legs and try on panty house, he is electrocuted in a freak accident. When Nick comes to, he learns that he has the ability to hear what the women around him are thinking. Although he is first frightened by this ability, he soon sees the potential in it, and devises a plan to undermine his new boss and get the promotion he wanted by picking her brain for ideas and those of the women around him. Nick also uses his new found ability for relationships, and to better relate to his daughter.
Along the way, Nick learns to be more aware of the ladies around him, and to be more aware of their needs. Nick also develops a relationship with his boss, which further complicates his life, as he is falling in love with the one person he is trying to undermine.
The film is very funny and enjoyable. Although predictable at parts, the film does have a good message that Men need to pay less attention to themselves, and listen to what the woman in their lives are saying, the dangers of judging people without getting to know them, as well as being more attentive to their needs. A good film for the whole family, and a great date movie.
4 stars out of 5