Wings The Complete Sixth Season

Get set to laugh as the classic sixth season of Wings has arrived from Paramount Home Entertainment.

Set on Nantucket Island, the series followed the exploits of Sandpiper Airlines, a small one plane operation that commutes between the Island and Boston as well as other points of interest. The airline is owned by Joe Hackett (Timothy Daly), who is a stickler for details and a solid if unexciting individual.

The laughs start to fly when the supporting cast comes into play, as the characters all have a very interesting history. There is Helen (Crystal Bernard). an aspiring Cellist who runs the airport lunch counter. She has been friends with Brian and Joe since childhood but was hampered by her weight which she lost in becoming a very attractive lady. Then there is Lowell (Thomas Hayden Church), the simple, yet eccentric mechanic, who is a whiz with planes as he is with oddball saying and situations.

Rounding out the cast are Rebecca Schull as Faye, a former airline hostess who has buried her past three husbands, and who runs the counter at Sandpiper, and Roy Biggins, (David Schramm), who owns a much larger airline chain that competes with Sandpiper

The season opens with Helen leaving for New York to marry the wealthy Davis Lynch after spending a night with Joe. Joe follows Helen and convinces her to accept his marriage proposal. Hilarious consequences ensue as the duo plans for their wedding and have to deal with the arrival of Helen’s sister Casey (Amy Yasbeck), who has had to abandon her socialite ways after being dumped by her husband. As the season progresses, we get to see Joe and Helen plan for their wedding, Case and Brian deal with their lot in life, and Antonio (Tony Shalhoub) the cab driver deal with fealings for his Cousins Fiance as well as his desires for Casey which he is unable to utter.
Some of the best moments include Lowel purchasing a wax museum, Debbie Reynolds and Helen’s mom and a psychotic air traffic controller. All of which leads to one of the most humor filled weddings ever filmed
Never a dull moment, this set will keep you laughing.
While most shows start to fade after their first couple of seasons, this show keeps getting stronger and this is a collection for fans and collectors alike.

5 stars out of 5