Sweet November

The notion of opposites attracting has long been the stuff of Hollywood Romance stories. Through the years, viewers have often followed the romantic exchanges between two people who seem to be polar opposites only to discover the real truth, that love can overcome all obstacles, and unite people.
The new film “Sweet November” takes a very interesting twist on this old romance standard. The film stars Keanu Reeves as Nelson Moss, a chronic and self obsessed workaholic for an add agency who finds his life unhinged by Sara Deever (Charlize Theron). During a chance meeting at a local DMV, Sara is blamed for cheating on a test as a result of answering a question that Nelson has asked her. Nelson wants to make good on the fact that he has conflicted her life by forcing her to remain without a license for 30 days so he offers to cover her expenses. Before long Sara is asking for a ride at odd hours of the night and being a nuisance to the stuffy Nelson.
Sara soon offers Nelson a proposition that she says will change his life for the better, live with her for one month, and during this time, do not do any work. At first Nelson is shocked by the offer but soon his life puts him into a position to take Sara up on her offer. Before long, Nelson begins to change for the better during his time with Sara and he learns to slowdown and enjoy the world around him. Naturally things do not always run smoothly and there are complications to be overcome for these two lovers, and the film is an emotional journey through the month of November that these two share with one another, and how their lives are changed during the journey.
The film was directed by Pat O’Connor and is a film that takes the audience through a wide range of emotions. Theron is fantastic as the sweet yet stubborn Sara and Reeves despite his usual wooden acting and lack of expressions, does a good job in his role as Nelson.

4 stars out of 5.