Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle

Start with quick-cutting MTV style graphics, add a pulsing soundtrack and apply liberal amounts of T@A and you have “Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle” the latest Summer release from rising director Mc G.

The film reunites Dylan (Drew Barrymore), Natalie (Cameron Diaz), and Alex (Lucy Liu), as a trio of sexy crime fighters who take on the toughest tasks that no other agency can crack. The Angels are masters of disguise, fighting, and high tech and operate under the guidance of the mysterious Charlie (John Forsythe), who exists only to the Angels in the form of a voice on a speakerphone. Charlie and the Angels are assisted by Bosley (Bernie Mac), (who plays the brother of Bill Murray’s character from the past film), and his role is one of liaison and guardian of the ladies.

The opening of the films has the team rescuing a government agent in Nepal from those bent on capturing his H.A.L.O. ring, which is one half of the witness protection list. Which when joined with the matching ring will unlock the information contained within. Naturally there is all manner of underworld interest in the rings as they offer the chance to get back at those who have harmed their interests and can be sold for a fortune.

It does not take long for the Angles to gain a lead on the case and are soon matched up against a former Angel named Madison (Demi Moore) who still harbors feelings of anger from her days as an Angel over a mission that left her injured and a psychotic gang leader Seamus (Justin Theroux), who has a mysterious link to Dylan.

What follows is a frantic mix of action, stunts, and comedy as the Angels fight the bad guys yet still make time for some fun and a social life. There are several cameos in the film and the return of cult favorite Crispan Glover as The Thin Man. While many of the stunts and action scenes boarder on absurdity and defy all means of logic, they are fun and are pulled off with some great pacing and intensity that delighted many in the audience. The film does have a lot of titillation as a scene involves the girls undercover in a strip club, and The Angles have several double entendre scenes such as a hysterical scene where Alex tells her father (John Cleese) what she does for a living all the while thinking his daughter and the Angels are call girls.

Yes its Juvenile in parts, has a meandering story and no depth to its plot or character development, but “Full Throttle” is a fun film that is a perfect way to spend a couple of hours this Summer. The film knows what it sets out to be, and Mc G keeps things in check without letting the stunt work or action take over the film. The Angels are the draw and the teamwork between the girls is great and it seems as if the cast had a blast making this film. Moore is good as the icy Madison and it is nice to see her back after her self-imposed hiatus. Bernie Mac fills in well for the departed Murray, but offers a wise cracking Bosley that is a contrast to the goofy charm Murray used for his character.

While not as good as the original “Full Throttle” is still a fun time at the theater as long as you leave reality at the door and sit back and enjoy the ride.

3 stars out of 5