Babylon 5 In the Beginning and The Gathering

With Star Trek having a virtual lock on sci-fi television in the early 90’s an ambitious new series was launched in an effort to show that Star Trek was not the only quality Sci-fi available on television. Writer/producer/creator J. Michael Straczynski created a show that was to be come famous not only for the quality of the show, but for the trials and tribulations of airing a show in syndication.
The show centered on a five-mile long space station that was to be a sort of United Nations in space where the races of the galaxy could meet to discuss issues to avoid any future wars. The show was an ambitious creation where a planned 5 –year story spun a deeper and deeper web with each show. Characters changed as the show went along as audiences were constantly trying to determine the ever-deepening plot and story. The show also used computer-generated graphics to give the show a unique look.
In the new DVD set from Warner DVD, viewers can get the pilot episode “The Gathering” as well as the prequel movie “In the Beginning” on one action packed DVD. While the prequel movie is best suited for those who have seen the show, those who have never seen the show will soon be up to speed due to the fantastic narration by Emperor Londo Molari (Peter Jurasik). The Prequel tells of the events that started the Earth Minbari war and how the Babylon station came to be. It is great to see the characters from the show in their earlier lives before the show and it helps illustrate how the characters came to be whom they are.
The pilot episode has been enhanced with better FX, sound, and music and is a quality presentation. Many of the situations in the pilot seem hard to follow but as with the series, the more you watch, the clearer things become.
While the pilot is not as polished as the series was, and there were casting changes from the pilot to the series, this DVD is a must for fans of the show as well as sci fi.

Title: Babylon 5 The Gathering, In the Beginning
Reviewed by: Gareth Von Kallenbach
Reviewed on: 3-5-02
Category: Chose from the following: Sci-Fi/Fantasy,

Video Format: Anamorphic 2.35:1 and Widescreen, 1.33:1
Audio Format: Dolby Digital
Language Tracks: English,
Subtitle Tracks: English (Captions), French,
Length: 185 minutes
Rating: NA
Release Date:
Packaging: Snapper Case,
Region Code: 1
Studio: Warner Bros
Catalog Number: 21189
UPC Code: 8539211892

Grades & Ratings:

Value: 3

Expectations & Reactions:
Not bad, a few making of extras would have been nice, but this is a nice looking DVD.

Storyline & Syllabus:

Cast & Crew: Bruce Boxleitner, Mira Furlan, Richard Biggs, Andreas Katsulas, and Peter Jurasik. Directed by Richard Compton,(The Gathering), Mike Vejar (In the Beginning).