Empires Dawn of the Modern World

With the fate of a nation in the balance in Empires Dawn of The Modern World the latest Real Time Strategy game based on the popular Age of Empires
Players select a nation and difficulty setting then race to explore, research, build, and advance through eras of technology before your opponent does. With an amazing array of units and building Empires is a nice progression from other games in the genre, as I took great pleasure in developing advanced weapons before my opponent and then unleashing a full barrage upon his units.
Empires wisely emphasizes the need for strategy over brute force to win. The artificial Intelligence and path finding in the game is about the same as other games using the Age of Empires engine but Empires does offer a wealth of animations for the units. I saw soldiers stop fighting to reload weapons and workers lay down to pass the time when not given an assignment. Resource collection was smooth in the game and on the lower difficulty settings I did not have as much trouble gathering enough resources as I have on other R.T.S.
Unit designs are solid and well balanced as is the multiplay, which offers variations of the standard deathmatch modes. My biggest issue with the game is that aside from nice animations, the game offers little that players have not already seen in previous games such as Empire Earth and Age of Empires II. That being said, if you are a fan of R.T.S. then Empires is a quality game that will entertain you.
3.5 stars out of 5