Manu Intiraymi talks Star Trek Voyager

At this weekends Creation Entertainment ( convention in Portland, Oregon, I had the chance to speak with Manu Intiraymi who played Icheb on star Trek Voyager. Over the course of the two-day event, I had numerous chances to speak with Manu on a wide range of subjects. What follows is a breakdown of the topics that we discussed, and Manu’s answers and comments on the questions and comments that I posed.
Manu mentioned to me that he had recently been in “Orange County:” but was dismayed to learn that his scenes had been cut. “I was at the premiere with my friend Colin Hanks, and my friends, and I was not given any heads up. The first time that I learned I had been cut, was when the film was played at the premiere.” I asked Manu if he could still list the film on his acting resume and Manu replied, “I could, but it would not do me much good, as with my scene cut, it does not look good to a potential casting director”. I mentioned to Manu about the role of John Conner being recast for the new Terminator 3 film, and he expressed his interest in the role. After explaining that I heard the news about ten days ago, Manu said that he plans to have his agent make some calls and see if he can get an audition. One of the more interesting auditions that Manu had was for the part of Anakin Skywalker. “I did not get to meet George, but I did get to run a few lines with the casting director”. I mentioned that he should let Robin Gurland know he is interested in Episode III, as after all, if N’Sync can get a small part in a film, then they should have a place for a legitimate actor. Manu was dismayed that the Boy Band might be in the film, and we had a good laugh over that. Manu also was surprised when I told him that the actor from the Dell commercials is supposedly up for a role in the new Terminator film as well and he again mentioned that he is going to have his agent call on that one. When the conversation turned to Voyager, Manu told me some interesting things. For example, Jeri Ryan had wires in her corset that were used to bind as well as lift in conjunction with padding to give her the figure for 7 of 9. I mentioned how uncomfortable that must have been when he by contrast only had to deal with a few appliances glued to him for the role of Icheb. Manu stated, “that is true, and I am sure it was very uncomfortable at times, but she looked fantastic”.
On the subject of future rolls, I asked Manu if he has had issues in regards to being typecast when he auditions for parts. Manu replied, “not really, I was lucky as I got to be a part of a great show, and a great tradition, but as I was only on the show for a short time, I get the advantage of being recognized, but not being typecast in the role as other actors from past Trek series have been”.
I asked Manu was his thoughts on the show were now that time has passed, and he has had some time to reflect upon it. “I would have to say that it was a great experience, as I got to work with a great group of people, I made good money for the work that I did, and I get the chance to travel and meet all sorts of people at the conventions”. While it is uncertain if Manu will ever get to play Icheb again, he is a talented actor who will hopefully get bigger and better roles in the future. I was very impressed by his poise, and how he was very down to earth and not at all aloof. I would strongly suggest that if you ever get a chance to attend a Creation convention where Manu is in attendance, I would jump at the chance. Creation will also be hosting a Mega Convention in Seattle, WA Feb 22-24. Guests include William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Nichelle Nichols, Dominic Keating, John Billingsley, and many more. Details are available at