Postal 2

GVK: Describe how the idea for POSTAL 2 game came about.
Vince Desi: We wanted to make a game that was different and still fun. The original POSTAL, very much like POSTAL 2, is really a comedy of violence. We were tired of doing kids games, and everything else was about aliens. We just wanted to make a game that really let you get your shit off.
GVK: What are the main objectives you wanted to achieve in regards to content and gameplay? How does this differ from the design for POSTAL?
Vince Desi: Well, as far as gameplay, we wanted an open-ended environment with lots of different people! We wanted the player … to be able to choose whether they wanted to kill or not. POSTAL 2 is only as violent as you are, but it’s always funny! Players have freedom to decide what to attack and when. So, if you decide to downplay the action you can, or [you can] decide for an all out bloodbath.
GVK: I heard that Gary Coleman is in the game. How did this come about? How is he featured?
Vince Desi: One of the errands in the game is to go to the mall and get Gary’s autograph! He’s packing heat, so depending on how you act determines the outcome. We love Gary and wanted him to be part of our project. Now he is!
GVK: What have been the biggest obstacles and success stories that you have encountered in designing the game?
Vince Desi: The biggest obstacle was money. We’re a small independent self-funded developer. Success comes in many flavors. First, just being able to make our own game the way you want is a great thing; you do not have to deal with demands from corporations who want the game to be such and such and are far more bottom-line driven. Personally, for me, it’s the artificial intelligence — you’re not going to believe the stuff you can do in POSTAL 2 — the friggin animals are smarter than most people I know in real life. Talk about having a goal and directions.
GVK: In regards to content, what features have you not included, but wished that you had been able to?
Vince Desi: I don’t know. We’ve got an awful lotta good stuff in there. Because of the way we have our own scripting system riding over the UNREAL Engine we were able to come up with lots of different errands the player has to do. Actually we had over 50, but we could only use about half of them in the game, but that’s cool because we can use them in the future.
GVK: What new features would you like to see developed in terms of multiplay for gaming?
Vince Desi: Well we’re going to have standard Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag at first, but in POSTAL Tournament you’ll see what we really want to do with multiplayer. We’ve got stuff in the works that I don’t even believe. There’s nothing better than having a team that loves what they’re doing!
GVK: How long has the POSTAL 2 development cycle been?

Vince Desi: Not counting preliminary design, it’ll be about two years.
GVK: Will there be an add-on pack or a sequel?
Vince Desi: At first there will be the “Tournament” version, which will be multiplayer only. After that we’ll see…
GVK: Any chance the game will appear on a console?
Vince Desi: It is something that has been talked about, but nothing is set as of yet.•