Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne

Upon the frozen planes of Azeroth, armies gamers enter a new chapter in the classic Warcraft adventure series. The single-player campaign, player’s places players directly in the concluding events of Warcraft III and now players must face a new and deadly threat from the imprisoned and evil Lich King Ner’zhul.
The game is broken into several campaigns such as Night Elf, Alliance, and Undead that allows players to take advantage of the various abilities of each race and explore the numerous units and abilities open to them.
I will not give away plot details and much of the new units as I found that discovering them and their uses was half the fun of the game.
Such new abilities and units include. Flame Strike and Phoenix: Damage to groups and air units. Healing Wave and Big Bad Voodoo: Healing units and dishing out damage, what cold be better?
A Tank unit for the Undead and the Night Elf. The multiplay is solid in the game and the game editor also provides a myriad of options for players who wish to continue their quests beyond the scripted missions.
If I was to find a fault with the game I would have to say the lack of an Orc mission was disappoint as the series was established as the conflict between Orcs and Humans. I also would liked to have seen some naval units as some of my fondest memories of Warcraft 2 were those of loading seige weapons on a transport and laying waste to an enemy site with them as my air units attacked from above and the navy bombarded them.
I can also see how Frozen Throne may be a bit tricky for some players as resource management is always a key. With so many fantastic units and building available the tendency to want to build everything is tough. Players have to decide what they need and stick to it, less they be caught unprepared by a foe. Complete with new units, spells, territories and characters, The Frozen Throne is an add on pack that could easily qualify as a full blown sequel as it will provide gamers of all abilities with gripping action and adventure as well as hours of gameplay both solo and online.
Bottom Line: another classic from Blizzard