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Published on June 20th, 2008 | by simeon


Predator Collectors Edition

Just in time for the pending release of “Alien VS Predator”, Fox has released the original “Predator” on a 2 DVD set that is brimming with extras.
The film’s story revolves around a special military rescue unit under the leadership of Dutch Schaeffer (Arnold Schwarzenegger), who leads his team of specialists into a dense South American jungle in an attempt to rescue a downed chopper of American Special Forces who have become caught behind enemy lines.
Unbeknownst to Schaffer and his crew, the jungle has an unexpected threat as an alien hunter is stalking the team with a ferocity and deadly arsenal that the team has never encountered. A deadly cat and mouse game ensues as the alien Predator strikes without warning leaving a path of death and carnage in it’s wake as the soldiers attempt to survive against an enemy that is as relentless as it is merciless.
Directed by action director John McTiernan the film launched Schwarzenegger from Super-Mega star status and cemented his status as the top box office draw worldwide for the next fifteen years. The film also boats solid supporting performances from Jesse Ventura and Carl Weathers who round out the solid supporting cast.
One of the best moments of the film is when Schaeffer and the Predator face off against one another as for the first time in film, Arnold was pitted against an opponent that was much larger and more intimidating then he was, and whom the audience could believe was more than capable of defeating the legendary action icon. The fantastic creature design by Academy Award winner Stan Winston is amazing and has helped cement the Predator as a true icon of cinematic bad guys.
The DVD set also includes a deleted scene and outtakes that add depth to the story but were edited for time factors. It is interesting to see them as they add a new depth to the film and the motivation of the creature. If I had to find fault with the set, it would be the fact that many of the bonus materials were from 2001 and there was a surprising omission of the look of the creature prior to Stan Winston as early visions of the creature were very disappointing and prompted Winston to arrive onset and design a new creature while the film was in production.
Bonus materials include John McTiernan Director Commentary Seven new Featurettes Outtakes Easter Eggs A Deleted Scene and a Documentary The set also has an inside look at “Alien VS Predator” in a sizzle reel as well as trailers for “Alien VS. Predator” and “I,Robot” as well as a ticket to see “Alien VS. Predator”
While I would have liked to have seen more features on the design of the Predator the 2 DVD set is an impressive set and a must for fans and collectors alike. MHello, Here is the update I have the 3X2 Mini Posters Black Background Predator, Black Background Alien. When you buy or download the book at www.sknr.net. Shoot me an e-mail and tell me which poster you want and your mailing info and you got it. That simple.
4.5 stars out of 5.

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