Red Dead Revolver

Like a long lost chapter from a classic Sergio Leone western, Red Dead Revolver takes players back to the days of six shooters and shotguns.
The game puts players in control of a Bounty Hunter named Red as he fights to avenge the loss of his parent’s years earlier.
The story not only focuses on the revenge theme but also has a strong story off corruptness in the local government that will drive much of the game play. .
The game also allows players to play as other characters, each with their own weapons and abilities, which greatly increase the replay value of this title. I especially liked uncovering upgrades to my weapons and the duel mode. Although it can be a pain to learn with a console controller, you will eventually square off and be blasting the bad guys down.
The game also has plenty of action, I especially liked the fight on a stagecoach as it helped to solidify the setting of the game and enhanced the mood and tone. The game graphics are above average but are nothing to write home about. The music, and sound are good as the whine and ping of bullets made me think that Gary Copper, Clint Eastwood, and The Duke were just around the next mesa dispatching the bad guys. Red Dead Revolver is a good game that is easily the best Western experience to date and minor issues aside, it is one hell of a ride.
Gameplay 3/5
Graphics 3.5/5
Audio 4/5
Value 3.5/5/5
Fun 3/5
Genre Shooter
Platform XBOX/PS2/Gamecube
Rating Mature