South Park The Passion of the Jew

The outrageous comedy series South Park has returned in a new 3-episode set that takes aim at the years most talked about film “The Passion of the Christ”. in South Park The Passion of the Jew, Kyle finally relents to Cartman’s torments and watches the film. In doing so, Kyle begins to question his faith and wonders if all the things Cartman has been saying all along are true. Meanwhile, Stan and Kenny embark on a quest to get their ticket money back from Mel Gibson after watching the movie and coming away unimpressed. As if this was not enough, Cartman goes over the edge and starts his own fan club dedicated to the film and leads an army of supporters in his new plan for order.

As if this is not enough, the DVD contains two more classic episodes including “Red Hot Catholic Love” where the Catholic Church scandal is examined and “Christian Rock Hard” where Cartman decides to exploit the Christian Rock scene for his own goals.

While often brash and crude the show is after all a parody that proves once again that the shows creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone continue to push all the boundaries and make you think as they may you laugh.

The sound quality is first rate and the video transfer is solid. This set is filled with laughs but definitely not for the kids.

5 stars out of 5