Accent Inns Richmond B.C.

Often when I travel, it is a mixture of business and pleasure so it is always nice to find a hotel that offers the resources to work, with the comfort and escapism needed to fully relax and enjoy time off.

One such place is the Accent Inns Airport Hotel in Richmond B.C. Located close to the airport and several bars and restaurants, the hotel is a comfortable place for travelers to stay for both business and leisure.

My first night at the hotel underscored the versatility of the locale as I was able to plug into the free internet access and work while I relaxed in one of the hotels suites. The spacious front room included a work desk, phone, chairs, as well as the usual couch and table. What really gave the unit a home away from home feel was the inclusion of a mini fridge, stove, and microwave aside from the standard television.

A door separated the front room from the hallway that lead to the bathroom and bedroom. The bedroom was very comfy and also included a television as well as closet space and a clock radio and telephone.

The hotel paid attention to little details like including a fire extinguisher in the room, as well as stocked cupboards that included pots, pans, flatware, cups, and more to allow guests to cook from their unit. This came in very handy when my wife arrived Friday night and wanted to try some of the leftover from the previous night.

My first night in the hotel was hectic for me, as I had to login to find where I was supposed to go on a film set the next day and the helpful staff not only provided me with directions to the desired locale but also a connection cable for my laptop so I could access my e-mail from my room. (The hotel also has free net access in the lobby as well as a flight check in terminal).

As anyone can tell you, working with films can be very tiring as was the case with me and an early morning set call. As soon as the days shooting was done, I had to get downtown to pick up my wife who was traveling in that night due to a schedule conflict that prevented her from coming up with me the previous night. You can imagine how after a early morning and full day on set, as well as a drive during rush hour over a holiday weekend downtown and back, we were ready to relax.

The hotel once again had everything we could want with a relaxing hot tub, and a spacious and quiet room to return to after dining at the onsite International House of Pancakes.

The next morning required me to be up to speak at a conference at a nearby hotel and once again the staff was dead on with directions which allowed me to be back to the room by 1:00PM so we could finally relax and enjoy our weekend.

After spending the day at the Vancouver Aquarium and beautiful Stanley Park, we were worn down and ready for a quiet evening in.

Once again the hotel stepped up as we were able to get dinner and eat in our room, while we relaxed on the couch. Most hotels only offer limited cable stations, but the Accent had a full range of the local stations and we were able to watch the season premiere of Battlestar Galactica instead of having to wait until we returned. I mention this as many people at the conference bemoaned that their fancy and very costly hotel did not offer the network that carried the show in their rooms.

It is little touches like this that allow for guests to unwind, as when they are away from home, they want to know that comforts they are used to at home, can be easily obtained should they desire them.

The room also included free local calls and pay per view movies and games. Simply put, this was one of the most enjoyable stays I have ever had and the versatility of the hotel to handle both my business and tourist needs was superior to most hotels including the more posh hotels with very high rates that say they cater to business guests but nickel and dime you for everything from calls to net access.

Updated December 2008

I got the chance to visit the hotel again in December and was amazed at some nice changes that were in place since I last visited in October. The newest addition was the flat screen television in the main room. With heavy snow on the roads and huge crowds out doing their last minute shopping, it was a nice welcome home to return to the hotel and have cookies and hot chocolate waiting in the front lobby.
The staff clearly had the saftey of the guests in mind as they closed the stairwells due to ice and had access to the upper levels only through the elevators. While this did require more time in the cold, it was a far better option than trying to climb multiple stairs adorned with ice.

When we had to leave the following morning, the staff provided me a map with an alternate route home. While it was longer than my usual way, it had been suggested to me as a better option to avoid the worst of the traffic and weather that had arrived. At first the route seemed out of the way, but eventually I was on the highway with very little traffic around me.

As scenic as the area was adorned with snow and Christmas decorations, I look forward to visiting again in the warmer weather and truly enjoying this fantastic place to get away.