Admirals Inn Victoria B.C.

Located on the gorgeous waterfront in downtown Victoria B.C. The scenic Admirals Inn. Admiral Inn hotel has long been a favored destination for travelers and seasonal gueststo this scenic city.
During my recent stay, I found the hotel to be a mix of modern conveniences with the atmosphere of a private residence. The check in went very smoothly and the staff was very helpful The counter staff was first-rate and was very helpful as when my friend took ill, they were very quick to call us cabs or point out appropriate destinations in the city for all of our needs. We took the Victoria Clipper from Seattle as it is easily the fastest, safest, and most pleasant way to travel to Victioria. The onboard staff and fantastic views always start the trip on a pleasant note. After a pleasant trip over from Seattle on the Victoria Clipper, Victoria Clipper we were less then a block away from the hotel.
Upon arriving at our room, I found it to be a comfortable and pleasant room with a nice view of the inner harbor. The room had been described to me as a smaller room but there was amble room for two of us as the living area contained a bed, entertainment center, table, chairs, and desk were all located within the living area with the bathroom, kitchen area and ample closets nearby. I was reminded more of an apartment than a hotel room as the room and bathroom were more spacious than a studio and more so than most hotel rooms.
A few hours of shopping in the downtown area is always a delight and the U.S. Dollar allows for some great values if you shop around. I found AB Sound to be a fantastic value for books, music, and DVDs, as some sets were $25-$50.00 lower than in the states and new CD’s could be found on sale at prices below the standard rates in America. Of course there was the required visit to the Old English Candy Shoppe where all manner of candy, treats, and food items from England are available and will delight shoppers of all ages. A water taxi to Fishermans Wharf for a fish and chip dinner at Barb’s which is long regarding as the best in all of Victoria is highly suggested as the food lived up to the billing and was fantastic.
Sunday morning involved more shopping and a trip to the local Castle. We rented some motor scooters which I highly suggest which allowed us to explore the city in greater detail and get out from the tourist areas. We made a stop at the fabled Sticky Wicket for a great lunch and tour of one of the cities hottest night spots and bars. The Sticky Wicket offers a fine sports bar and restaurant as well as themed bars, rooftop entertainment such as Volleyball and a live concert venue.
Checkout was like everything else, very easy and relaxed and was as friendly and efficient as everything that I experienced during my stay at the Admirals Inn. The hotel is located in easy walking distance from the numerous shops, restaurants, theaters and attractions of the downtown and waterfront areas. The Admirals Inn is a rare mix these days, a family hotel that is perfect for weekend getaways or extended stays where you can do things at your own pace with the knowledge that the helpful staff and abundant services are there when you need it. Amenities included Continental Breakfast, free internet access and free bike rentals. Top marks all around.