AVP Requiem

With the pending release of Aliens VS Predator Requiem in theaters, Sierra has released the tie in video game for the Sony PSP entertainment system.

The game loosely follows the plot of the film, in that an Alien infestation has broken out in the small town of Gunnison, Colorado, and players take on the role of a lone, elite Predator warrior who is tasked with cleaning up the Alien threat and keeping valuable technology from a crashed Predator ship out of the hands of the humans.

Over the course of the game, players will obtain new weapons and abilities as they battle various threats and more advanced weapons are gained through obtaining honor points. Points are earned or lost based on a player’s actions. Should a player get careless and start killing everything in their path, they will not earn Honor points for killing unarmed humans who pose no threat.

Weapons include shoulder cannon and wrist blades as well as spear, shuriken, the disc, as well as cannon upgrades. This comes in very handy when dealing with the hordes of enemies you will face both of the human and Alien variety. While players may love being blast happy and using the cannon on everything in their path, it is not always the best option due to a recharge time after each firing. Another issue is that gamers looking to garner Honor Points would be better suited to using a variety of weapons as after all, taking out an enemy with your wrist blades is far more stylish than blasting from afar.

The action in the game is frantic, and one of the nice features of the game is the ability to tag various enemies then release a disc and watch it bounce from one tagged opponent to another with mass carnage ensuing.

Another nice trick is the ability to cloak and lead Aliens into a group of soldiers, and then sit back and watch the two sides tear each other to pieces.

The game designers were given access to footage and the script of the film in advance of production, and this has helped with the solid graphics of the game that help convey the setting of the game as well as tie in the visual style of the film I have observed from some of the advanced footage of the film.

For players looking for additional challenges, the game includes a multiplayer mode and co-op with another player as they take out hordes of advancing enemies.

Graphically the game is solid and the action is gripping. Fans of the series should delight in this game as it offers a nice distraction for fans eagerly awaiting the film.