Bill Goldberg Talks The Longest Yard

Recently I had the chance to speak with Actor/wrestler Bill Goldberg about his upcoming film “The Longest Yard”. I would like to thank him for taking time out of his busy schedule to speak with me, during his recent publicity stop in Seattle. GVK: The film had some amazing game scenes, how much fun was it for you to get back into Football mode after so many years as a wrestler and were there any adjustments?

BG: Luckily I stayed in shape due to wrestling, as every play will filmed was very impactful and we had to be very analytic on it to get them right. I really enjoyed the dive over center scene as thanks to old NFL guys there.

GVK: As real as the game scenes were they must have taken numerous takes to get just right.

BG: It was a real honor to work with the people I did as it seemed as if I took more hits than I did in my NFL career, but there was a real trust amongst the cast to make it real.

GVK: With so many professional athletes in the film, had did Adam Sandler and Nelly do?

BG: Adam is a good basketball player, so he is a natural athlete, he worked with Sean Salisbury to make his footwork and delivery smooth, and he did a great job. Nelly is amazing as he is truly gifted athlete who can flat out fly with his wheels. It also did not hurt having Burt Reynolds onhand to keep us in the spirit of the original and offer his advice for the script with all of his experience from doing the first film.

GVK: Was it hard working with Kevin Nash since he ended your record unbeaten streak in wrestling?

BG: Not at all, that was wrestling, and that is what we do, so it is fine it is in the past and we are good friends.

GVK: What are some of your fondest memories of filming?

BG: I would say working with so many good actors. I was fans of all of them, and we had a very humerous and laid back set.

GVK: What was your favorite scene and why? BG: My favorite one was cut, but the one that I love is the one of Joey Diaz laying on the track after practice. There were so many outtakes from that one, I am sure you will see them when the DVD is released. GVK: What about the scene that was cut?

BG: In the scene I got a sack and took my helmet off to celebrate in the face of Knauer(William Fichter). As he was getting up, I head butted him with my head while he was wearing he helmet and I wasn’t. I nailed him and really staggered him, it looked great, but I guess you will see it on the DVD.

GVK: What is up next for you?

BG: Aside from doing publicity for this film, I have Auto Maniac coming on the History Channel on Sunday and since I got married recently, we are going to get to that Honeymoon we had to put off.

GVK: Thank you for taking the time out today and answering the question.

BG: You are welcome, make us look good.