Guild Wars Nightfall

After two successful chapters of the hit MMORPG game Guild Wars, NC Soft has lifted the lid on the third chapter of the game called Nightfall.

In Nightfall, players get to prepare for a coming evil as the Guild war story develops in a new land called Elona. In Elona, players will not only have new quests and locales in which to play, they will have new characters classes to select.

The first new class is the Dervish who is dazzling holy warrior of lethal skills. Like a whirlwind, the Dervish comes into battle with blades flying which cut all those in their path to ribbons.

The second class is The Paragon, who is also a holy warrior, but unlike the Dervish, uses their spears for long distanced attacks. This character got a lot of attention at a recent launch party when the characters wings unfurled in the midst of battle.

Of course there will be new monsters to battle as well as the numerous new locales and items that will give the fans of the series plenty of new items that will keep the series fans questing away until the next installment of the game is released in 07.

During a recent launch party, I was treated to a first hand look at the game, and it is clear that a lot of time and effort were put into this game. The locale of the part was decked out like a tent, complete with Belly Dancers in honor of the desert theme of Elona. Guests were glued to the monitors that broadcast the gameplay for all to see. It was clear that the game is poised to be a big hit which will continue the fine traditions of Guild Wars.