Happy Feet

The Academy Award winning Happy Feet has arrived on DVD, and will delight viewers of all ages.

When Emperor Penguin Mumble (Elijah Wood), is secluded from his community for not being able to sing, he sets into motion a charming adventure that mixes humor, music, and an ecological message in one of the most rewarding animated films in recent years.

Since Emperor Penguins attract their mates via a heart song, that Mumble is unable to create, he is seen as a threat to the local community, especially since his talent is his amazing ability to dance.

In time Mumble, meets Ramon (Robin Williams), a Blue Penguin who has no issues with the fact that Mumble cannot sing, and brings him into his group. Tasked with saving the day and winning the heart of his true love, Mumble, Ramon, and a cast of zany characters embark on an adventure for the ages.

The film is packed with great music, visuals, and enough in jokes that will keep the adults smiling “Happy Feet is not to be missed.”

3 stars out of 5.