MLB 07 The Show

Just in time for the Baseball Season Sony has released MLB 07 The Show for the PS 2, PSP, and PS3 gaming systems.

For my review, I used the PS 3 version and was immediately gripped by the strong graphics and lifelike animation of the players.

The game is stocked with full rosters from all the teams and lifelike animations and mannerisms that reflect their flesh and blood counterparts. The stadiums are crafted in detail and really add to the immersion for players.

One of the new features of the game is the Adaptive Pitching Intelligence which allows players to select pitches based on the strengths of the batter.

Like having a catcher call the pitch, players can go with what is suggested or pick their own pitch. I was at first leary of using the suggested pitches because, at times, throwing a high fastball did not seem like a great idea. However, more often than not, the suggested pitch locked up the opposing batter in my favor.

Players can select their lineup, stadium, time of day and even their opponent. Want to take on the All Star Team? No problem! MLB 07 the show can handle this.

It is nice to see that the developers really put some time into this game, as everything from the inclusion of walks to the managerial strategy was included in this game. Hours of playtime, multiple play modes, and online play as well. What more could any fan ask for?

I was a bit disappointed to see that a Home Run Derby and Home Run celebrations were not included in this version because, to me, they are often the best part of the game. Who doesn’t love trying to hit balls out of various parks in derby mode?

4 stars out of 5.