MXC Season 1

One of the best laughs on television has arrived on DVD as the hit extreme sports show MXC has arrived on DVD. The show which is seen on Spike TV takes footage from a top Japanese game show, that has contestants attempt to overcome all manner of physical obstacles and challenges often with hysterical results.

MXC cleverly dubs the shows diologue with a non-stop barrage of quips, insults, clever double entendres that make a harmless onscreen exchange take on an all new situation.

Since the action of the show is comprised of two teams of contestants, the shows take on an overall theme such as the Dental Workers Vs The Food Industry which in turn fuels the angle for which most of the zany jokes will be aimed.

The amazing thing about the show is that it never gets old, and you find yourself wondering what is going to come next. With the extereme sports providing numerous situations, the clever writers of the show never miss a chance to slip in jabs about a contestant or their performance.

A highlight is the shows Painful Eliminations of the Day where the most outrageous contestants of the day are shown in their futile attempts to complete one of the shows many challenges.

Yes it is juvenile, and silly, but it is oh so much fun.

4.5 stars out of 5