Night at the Museum

One of the best family films in recent years has arrived on DVD loaded with extras.

In Night at the Museum Ben Stiller stars a single father named Larry Daley who is unable to find any direction in his life. Anxious to impress his son and show him that his father is not a looser, he takes a job at the New York Museum as a night watchman unaware that he is in for quite an adventure.

What at first seems to be a very quiet job, soon becomes more than he envisioned when the exhibits come to life and he is forced to deal with all manner of bizarre situations.

Larry is prepared not to return to his job, but thanks to the kind words from the re-animated Teddy Roosevelt and his desire (Robin Williams), and a desire not to disappoint his son, Larry returns setting into motion a serious of events that will leave you laughing.

Based on the book by Milan Tenc, the film is loaded with fun moments and great special effects that will delight the whole family.

The two DVD set is loaded with bonus features and is a must own.

3.5 out of 5.