Linda Hanson (Sandra Bullock), Is a woman whose comfortable life is about to to turned upside down when her husband (Julian Mc Mahon) is killed in a tragic car accident while away on a business trip. Suddenly a windowed mother of two young girls Linda is grief stricken and falls asleep wondering what she will do to handle her loss.

When Linda awakens the next morning, she is shocked to discover her husband alive and well downstairs. This bizzare occurence sets a chain of events into motion where each day she awakens, finds that her husband is either alive or dead. What is even more bizzare is that some days she awakens days in the future after her husbands accident to learn that other events have transpired while other days she awakens before the accident and wonders about her sanity.

Eventually Linda decides to map out the days she has visited and learns that she is covering the days leading up to and following the accident, and sets a plan into motion to answer the questions she has about why she is suddenly moving back and forth through time each day, as well as the events surrounding her visions of the future.

While the premise of the film is good, it looses momentum very quickly and soon becomes a myriad of plot holes and worn scenarios that ultimately leads to a very silly, and wholly unsatisfying ending, that does little to resolve the premise and mystery of the setup.

What further frustrated me about the film is the utter lack of chemistry between Bullock and Mc Mahon, who come across very stiffly during their scenes with one another, and seem almost to be taken an Acting 101 seminar rather than convincing us they are a married couple.

Mc Mahon’s part is also so lacking in substance I was suprised that an actor of his status would accept such a shallow part, as there is very little for him to do in this film as he is reduced at best to a moving prop and a plot device for much of the film.

This ultimately dooms the film as we feel very little for the characters as Bullock is very bland and by the numbers in her performance, which really strains the audeince to care for the chacters and their outcomes which is essential in a film of this type.

As it stands, Premonition is a good idea that goes nowhere fast, which is what I think will ultimately become of this film after its opening week at the box office.

2 stars out of 5.