talents at Fox animation have crafted a new animated classic that firmly establishes the studio as a major force in the animated feature industry with the release of the next animated classic, Robots.

Set in the peaceful community of Rivettown, the film follows the story of Rodney Copperbottom (Ewan Mc Gregor), a young robot who dreams of becoming a great inventor and working for his idol, Big Weld (Mel Brooks), in Robot City.

With one of his new inventions in hand, Rodney sets off for the big city to realize his dreams and make life better for robots everywhere. Upon arriving at the city, Rodney meets up with Fender (Robin Williams), who helps Rodney with the ways of the big city. This help really becomes necessary when Rodney learns that Big Weld has not been seen in ages and that a evil and scheming robot names Ratchet (Greg Kinnear), has taken his place and is plotting to eliminate spare parts for robots thus forcing them to buy costly upgrades or face the scrap pile.

Rodney decides to fix the poorer robots on his own, and in the company of Fender and his friends, Rodney becomes a hero to the local community. Naturally this does not sit well with Ratchet and his plans, causing Rodney and his friends to face his full ire. As if this was not bad enough, it seems that Rodney’s father is in desperate need of a replacement part which forces Rodney to take Ratchet head as well as find the missing Big Weld.

The strength of the film is not just in the amazing animation and the incredible detail paid to the virtual world of the robots, but in the hilarious performance of Robin Williams and the fine work of the supporting cast.

The humor of the show was filled with many jokes that went over the heads of most of the children in the audience as they were clearly made for the adults in the audience as the film does have a PG rating. The film blends content for adults and children into a mixture that will delight both, as this is not a film that parents will have to endure for the sake of the kids, they will have plenty of material to keep them laughing.

From a visual standpoint, the film is amazing; a travel segment showing the cross town transit of Robot Town is filled with all sorts of amazing visuals as well as more than a few in jokes for baby boomers.

While some may find the plot a bit thin, this is after all a family film that is geared to younger audiences, and it does have a good flow and continuity that keeps the film moving along. Robots is simply one of the best animated films ever made and is a sign that Disney no longer has a lock on animated classics.

5 stars out of 5