Shiloh Inn Restaurant Ocean Shores

Located in scenic Ocean Shores, Washington, s WA, The Shiloh Inn Suites Hotel houses a restaurant that combines great food and service with a stunning scenic view that results in a memorable dining experience.

Upon being seated, we were greeted by our very friendly server, who not only took time to answer any questions we had about the menu and specials, but also shared tales about the local community and restaurant. Our table overlooked the Pacific Ocean and we were treated to a spectacular sunset during our appetizers, which were simply the best potato skins I have ever had.

For the main course, I selected the house special, slow cooked Prime Rib, while my wife selected Steamed Clams from one of the many seafood dishes offered by the hotel. I am glad that I took the waiter’s suggestion and ordered the Prime Rib as not only was it tender and juicy, but was accompanied with great vegetables and potatoes which completed the ensemble and made me wish I had not eaten as much of the fresh bread that was served prior to the main course.

The steamed clams were amazing, flavorful & plentiful and my wife decreed them amongst the best she has ever had anywhere. We completed the dinner with good, strong coffee and dessert from the ample choices offered. The apple tart was amazing and loaded with fresh apples. It, too, like the main course, was more than I could finish and I had to enlist the help of my wife.

The Shiloh Restaurant also offers a full selection of wine and spirits as well as breakfast and lunch service. While we covered many places to eat during our stay in Ocean Shores, none of them compared to the great food and service as well as the stunning view we had at this fine place.

Where to go:
Shilo Inn Suites Hotel
707 Ocean Shores Blvd NW
Ocean Shores, Washington 98569-9593

(360) 289-4600

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