South Park Season 7

South Park is back and better then ever with the Season 7 box set. The seventh season DVD set of the outrageous and award winning comedy seriess South Park has arrived and is splitting with laughs and extras. The set is packaged in an attractive collectors box and contains all 15 episodes in their original uncut format. Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Eric have advanced to the 4th grade and have a slew of new friends and escapades in store as they lambaste all manner of popular figures and situations often with biting social commentaries.

Season seven tackled some very controversial topics that most shows and networks would not touch, and in true South Park form, generated laughs while providing social commentary. Topics ranging from gangs, Christian music, elderly drivers, Indian casinos, child exploitation and Mormons are addressed the season, and all get the usual South Park treatment.

Standout episodes include “Gray Dawn” where the town seniors become a deadly force behind the wheel, and “Christian Rock Hard” where Cartman starts his own Christian music group.

Sure it is often crass and crude but when it comes to taking on the topics there is no better source of parody anywhere than in South Park and season 5 proves once again that the shows creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone continue to push all the boundaries and are not content to rest on their success as season 5 is the best available to date.

The sound quality is first rate. The commentaries by creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are a great edition to this set that is filled with laughs but definitely not for the kids.

5 stars out of 5