Star Trek Legacy

Recently I had the very good fortune to ask a few questions regarding the highly anticipated Star Trek Game, Star Trek: Legacy. I want to thank Dr. Davis, and Erin Losi at Bethesda for taking the time from their very hectic schedules to make this interview happen.

Dr. Davis appreciated the opportunity to check in with me and my readers, telling me “Let them know Mad Doc’s pushing hard to bring them a great game.”

Star Trek®: Legacy Interview

Dr. Ian Lane Davis, Mad Doc® Software

Creative Director, Star Trek®: Legacy

Questions from Gareth Von Kallenbach

Skewed and Reviewed

What is the background and setting of the game and how does it fit with events that have been established in present Trek timelines and events.

Things fall together nicely in Legacy. The history of the Star Trek series unfolds from the beginning in a way that really makes sense, and for the first time, all the generations are together in the same place. So here you’ll see it all: the characters, the styles, the races, the ships, the core conceits of the series unfold, evolve, and fall together to create this wonderful world we’ve come to love. Legacy spans the entire Trek universe with a solid story pulling it together, and it’s gonna be a fun ride!

How are missions assigned in the game and what sort of missions will players face. What enemies will players encounter?

The entire single player experience will be tied together with a common narration, with missions assigned as major turning points and crises evolving over the generations. That said, you’ll encounter a good mix of mission types and objectives, so you’ll never get bored and things don’t get repetitive. As you might expect, you’ll need to be very attentive to how efficiently you deal with each obstacle, as your fleet will persist throughout the campaigns. As for enemies, expect to be at odds with the Klingons, Romulans, the all-mighty Borg, and a few other influences that may choose to side against you.

How will the progression from one Trek Era to the next occur and will it be part of one long plotline or several smaller ones?

Again, the game spans the entire Star Trek Universe, bound by a strong story. You start in the Enterprise (Archer) era with a small fleet of ships, and as you complete each mission, time advances, new techs and new ships become available, and you can improve your ships and your fleet as a whole. Before you know it, there will be a TOS ship available, and your fleet will slowly take on the look of each new era, and so on…

What forms of Multiplay will be available?

Legacy’s multiplayer experience is all about massively cool space battle at its best. It’s focused on real-time Starfleet combat, from small-scale engagements, to all-out war with dozens of warships fighting simultaneous battles across vast sections of space. You can engage in a quick single system battle, or you can have a multi-player Tug-of-War as you fight across multiple space systems and upgrade your fleet between each battle. In multiplayer, you command the Federation, Romulan, Klingon, and Borg war machines. We’re still finalizing player numbers and modes.

What are some of the ships and weapons players will face and will ships from one generation be able to battle against ships from another?

Players command the fleets of the Federation, Klingon, Romulan, and Borg races in Legacy. There are over sixty ships to choose from (small scouts, light cruisers, formidable battleships), and we’re ensuring the key ships from Trek canon are included. We’re having some fun with new designs as well. It’s also worth noting that this is the first Trek game with ships from all the eras. Ever wonder how long the NX-01 could hold out against the Defiant? In Legacy you’ll be able to pit ships from all the different eras and races against each other. So you can look forward to NX-01, Constitution, Galaxy, and Sovereign class ships, and many more. Every ship class has different strengths and weaknesses in firepower, maneuverability, shield strength, speed, etc., and you’ll need to use each type of ship wisely, so keep on your toes! Sorry, you’ll have to wait to learn about weapons…

How will customization be handled in the game and will players be able to use technology from different races on the same ship?

As you progress through the missions, you will have full discretion on what capabilities and upgrades your ships will carry into battle. As time progresses, advancements in technology will afford you all knew upgrades, both of human origin and otherwise. You can control each ship’s energy allocations, movement, firing, repair focus, special maneuvers, warping, cloaking, targeting, etc., and you can do it all with an easy-to-use control scheme. This is not a spaceship simulator, it’s an action-based game with the appropriate amount of realism to make sure everything looks and feels like it should.

What gaming engine is being used for the game and what are some of the features that will make the game stand out from others in the genre?

Mad Doc’s capitalizing on our years of experience with Star Trek games in developing Legacy. In fact, we’ve been working on the core brand new graphics engine since 2002. We’re taking full advantage of the platforms powerful enough to give us a result that looks truly cinematic. So get ready, because this one’s gonna look a lot different than what you’re used to seeing – the look, the feel, and the beauty of this game are striking. A few times when people have been passing by our screens they’ve thought they were looking at a movie. This level of realism alone is enough to make Legacy stand out amongst other games. And don’t worry – we’re having some serious fun with gameplay elements as well.

Will any Trek actors be doing voice work for the game?

We certainly know that this is something fans would really love, I know we’d love to see this happen. All we can say is that we’re working on it, and we’ll just have to see how the details and schedules work out.

Will resource gathering be a part of the game and if so, how?

Legacy is less about resource gathering, and more about sexy space battles. That said, there are certainly resources you’ll want to pay particular attention to. Namely: your fleet! In Legacy, your greatest asset – is the fleet you lead, control, and take into battle.

In development of the game, what have been the biggest obstacles and also the greatest triumphs?

So far, things are moving along nicely, no major struggles. As for our greatest triumphs, it’s pretty early to say. So many things are looking good, yet if I were to single out one thing I truly love at this point in the development cycle, I’d certainly have to point to the realism and cinematic quality of the game. It’s striking.

What sort of differences if any will there be between the PC and X-Box versions of the game and has working the game for two different platforms altered the approach or design of the game?

Clearly, PC & Xbox 360 are very different platforms, and you have to allow for that. I think fans of both will find that Legacy’s a game tuned to their tastes in terms of pacing, amount of fine-management, and UI. At Mad Doc, we’re fans of both platforms and we’ve got enough experience with both to know that the final product can tell the same story and give the same broadstroke experience, yet it will be tuned correctly for each platform.

Will players be able to play as other races?

Yes. In Legacy, we’re focusing on bringing the Big Four races to the next gen console for the first time ever. In the Single Player Campaign, you’ll see familiar faces like the Fed, Klingon, Romulan, and Borg (they’ll be ready for action as foes in that campaign and also as playable races in multiplayer and in the Tug-of-War skirmish campaigns). We’re not, however, revealing all of the other special races you might see!

Thank you,

Gareth Von Kallenbach

Thank you as well Gareth, appreciate the opportunity to check in with you and your readers. Let them know Mad Doc’s pushing hard to bring them a great game.