Uwe Boll on Bloodrayne 2

Recently I had the chance to ask Director Uwe Boll a few questions about his pending film “Bloodrayne I want to thank the director for taking time to answer my questions.

What is the background and setting for the film please, I am sure readers are curious to know what she has been up to since we last saw her, and how her travels have taken her to the old West

Uwe: BLOODRAYNE 2 is set in the wild west. One hundred years have passed since the Transylvanian world of the original BLOODRAYNE feature. BloodRayne learns of the existence of vampires in the USA and decides to embark on a sea journey from Amsterdam to New York..

You have a new Rayne this time out, what does Natassia bring to the role that is different than Kristanna version, and was there any adjustment for you with a new actress in the lead role?

Uwe: Natassia brings a greater sense of darkness to our heroine. Her tough edgy performance is further enhanced by a remarkable quick moving physicality.

You had mentioned in our interview for the original film that you had hoped to set a future chapter in the series in the old west. Now having been able to do so, what are some other areas and locales where you would like to explore for future films?

Uwe: BLOODRAYNE 3 will be set in World War II. It will be titled “WARHAMMER.”

How has the character of Rayne changed since the last film and was it a challenge to evolve the character yet keep her core values and appeal?

Uwe: The BloodRayne of the most recent installment has evolved. She has lost her intrinsic innocence and become more worldly.

In the last film, Rayne had a daunting villian with Kagan. What can you tell us about the new villians she will face in the new film?

Uwe: Billy the Kid and his infamous gang have become her new adversaries.

What were some of the challenges you faced in capturing the look of the old west and its technologies in a modern film?

Uwe: The film was given a grainy and historical look. We shot the movie in an authentic western town called Border Town on the outskirts of Vancouver. Shooting in winter provided its challenges for both cast and crew and gave the film an unforgiving and austere appearance.
This is your first film that you have directly worked on the sequel to. How have you found the experience and the challenge of maintaining continuity with the previous film and why have you not ventured down the sequel path earlier on some of your films?

Uwe: Although technically I’ve shot my first sequel, I consider this production an entirely new film. I’ve established a new setting, time period and story line complete with a new cast of characters.

Since many dubbed you the videogame/horror director, yet since “Bloodrayne” was released you have gone on to do a complex array of films ranging from horror to action as well as some films with sharp political and social commentary. As you grow as a filmmaker, do you see yourself moving away from horror and game related films in favor of more complex action and dramatic films, or do you strive to maintain a creative balance between the genres?

Uwe: I will continue to create commercial style action/horror films. That said, you will see an increase in the number of socially relevant and controversial films like HEART OF AMERICA, POSTAL and TUNNEL RATS

What have been some of your favorite moments on the film as well as your greatest challenges?

Uwe: The greatest challenge occurred when our railway station set burnt to the ground costing the production $600,000 in damages! The hazards of shooting at night in the dead of winter proved to be a horrendous challenge.

I was impressed with Natassia Malthe’s commitment to the film. When the actress entered eight degree celcius freezing water for a particular scene everyone was suitably impressed. I love the scene in the church and so will the audience.

What are some recent films and games that you have enjoyed and what are you looking forward to seeing and playing when you get the chance?

Uwe: I thoroughly enjoyed the film KING OF SCOTLAND. As for games, I am currently enjoying POSTAL

What projects are next on your schedule that fans can look forward to?

Uwe: Fans can look forward to FAR CRY and BLOODRAYNE 3.

Your boxing challenge was a big media event, and I think brought a new understanding of you to many people who had misjudged you and your work. Do you have any plans to do another such event in the future?

Uwe: Absolutely not!