X-Files Resist or Serve

Ben Borth was kind enough to take time out of his hectic schedule and answer some questions about the upcoming PS 2 release X-Files Resist or Serve.
GVK: What is the setting and story for the game and which characters will be available? What new locals will we see?
The game plays out as three episodes that take place in the middle of the seventh season of the show. You will be able to play as either of the Special Agents Fox Mulder or Dana Scully. The story starts off in a small Rocky Mountain town called Red Falls and progresses on to a hidden Psychic Research Facility, a high-security Biotechnologies Institute, a Siberian Gulag Prison (seen in a season four X-files episode), and finally a submerged Russian Monastery. You’ll also get into familiar locations from the show along the way like the FBI Headquarters, Mulder’s Apartment and the Quantico Morgue.
GVK: How much continuity is there from the series and does it pick up from the end of the series?
BB: The game’s three episodes fit perfectly in show’s seventh season (right after the second episode “The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati”) and further explore some of the storylines from that period.
GVK: What were the biggest obstacles and success stories that you encountered in creating the game and will it include features that you wished to include in the original release?
BB: The biggest feature that we would have loved to have in the original game was the ability to play as Mulder and Scully. Being that the first game was entirely shot entirely in Full Motion Video, it was impossible to schedule David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson to participate in a full game. Now that we’ve been able to accurately recreate their likenesses in-game, we’ve been able to create a full game experience that revolves solely around the agents. One of the biggest obstacles was trying to schedule everyone’s voice over sessions over the holiday season last year. Since Gillian Anderson was starring in a play in London at the time, we has to fly to England to record her voice on one of her few days off, then fly back the next day to record David Duchovny in Los Angeles.
GVK: Who will be doing the voice work from the game?
BB: We recorded David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Mitch Pileggi, Dean Haglund, Bruce Harwood, Tom Braidwood, Nicolas Lea, William B. Davis, Laurie Holden, and James Pickens Jr. It’s pretty much the entire regular cast from the show.
GVK: Do you find the pressure greater to deliver on this expansion due to the success of the original and how expansion packs can be a tricky things due to gamers having such high expectations from the series?
BB: No. On the PS2, this game is its own entity, unique and completely unrelated to the previous game. It’s also the first time gamers will actually be able to play as Mulder or Scully.
GVK: What game engine is being used for the game?
BB: t’s a unique PS2 engine built solely for this game.
GVK: What separates X-Files from other games in the genre?
BB: Being written by one of the writers from the show, it brings a true X-Files story into an interactive experience and combines with it the well-developed and well-known characters from the series.
GVK: How would you describe the style of play for the game and what weapons and equipment will players have access to?
BB: It’s a survival / horror style game in which you must explore to find clues and solve puzzles that will progress the story and manage your ammo and health supplies to survive battles with the paranormal. You’ll start with standard issue FBI pistols and later find shotguns, magnum revolvers, molotov cocktails, and the alien stiletto