Uwe Boll on his Feud with Michael Bay and POSTAL Censorship.

Recently I got the chance to speak with controversial Director Uwe Boll about his feud with Michael Bay as well as the stop Boll Petition and his new film “Postal” and the controversy he has generated. I want to thank Uwe for answering our questions in this exclusive interview and his first since the Banning of POSTAL.

1.) Postal has been generating not only solid buzz but the best reviews of any of your films to date. What is the status of the theatrical release and why has it taken this long to come to theaters?

It’s hard to get screens because a lot of exhibitors think the movie Postal is too politically incorrect. They should book it and leave the decision to the audience.

2.) Can you explain some of the concerns that have been given as why the film is not getting a major theatrical release; especially with the good word of mouth on the film I find this to be a real surprise.

It’s the exhibitors who are blocking it. If you read this interview go to your theatre and ask if they are going to play “POSTAL” and if the answer is NO; then ask WHY NOT.

3.) The film has been surrounded in controversy since it was first announced. Do you find that much of the concerns of the film were unwarranted?

Absolutely: The audience loves it. In New York after a screening, a young man came to me and said: “My father died at September 11 …and I think your movie is great and necessary! Bush used the victims to start a shitty war against a country which had nothing to do with September 11!”

4.) What do you think are the most misunderstood things about your films and yourself by the public and what do you attribute this to?

A lot of people judge my movies without watching the movies. This is absurd. If you see POSTAL, SEED and soon 1968 TUNNELRATS, you won’t see the films of my past ………….HOUSE OF THE DEAD and ALONE IN THE DARK

5.) There have been a lot of shots at you in the media lately over your comments regarding Michael Bay, George Clooney and others. Do you think that speaking your mind as you do has earned you a tag as a loose cannon amongst the major studios and do you think that exercising your right to free speech may have hinder future projects with the larger studios?

I said what I was feeling at the moment. So what? Clooney is a great guy and I don’t want to trash him …I was only annoyed by “LEATHERHEADS” …why a movie like this gets made and gets a big release and we have to fight for every screen to get POSTAL out …

And POSTAL is maybe the most controversial movie since September 11.

6.) Is it easier or harder now to be an independent filmmaker as opposed to five years ago, and if so, why?

Way harder. The Major Studios are losing money every weekend because they spend so much money in advertising – they never make the money back and the old rule: for every 10 movies that are made there are 7 bombs but the other 3 make enough money for all 10 —This is not true anymore. 15 years ago you could release a movie with $10 million in P & A (Publicity and Advertising) ..but now medium movies have $25 million in P & A invested in them. Now 8 out 10 movies are not even making it after DVD REVENUES to cover their P & A. But the Majors keep going because they are poorly managed and they want to control the market and destroy the competition even if the studios lose money.

If I was a head of a studio, I would not pay any actor more than $3 million. And I would film no more than 60 shooting days on picture. So much money gets tanked in the production and distribution costs because the studios hire the wrong people. My “IN THE NAME OF THE KING” cost $60 million – the same movie produced by a studio would not cost less than $100 million.

7.) Do you believe that you would not have as much online venom towards your works if they were not based on video games and why do you think gamers still tend to be overtly critical of your films as compared to other gaming films that do not meet their expectations such as “Doom”?

They think it’s cool to hate me …in 20 years they will all know that I was on their side. To be against me is to be with the PRO HOLLYWOOD SYSTEM …they support the SYSTEM of HOLLYWOOD, which gets more redundant and boring every year…with the same movies over and over again. They go against me but I’m an Independent. Instead they should go against the Hollywood Studios…….. “JUMPER”, “10000 B.C.” and all the tons of boring and bad movies produced by the Hollywood machine.

8.) What can you tell the readers about when they may see “Seed” and “Tunnel Rats” released and how would you say they compare and contrast to the previous films you have done?

“SEED” is really hard and disturbing and it will be out on DVD in September. With “Tunnelrats” I hope to get it into the theaters …it’s a very dark, depressing war movie.

9.) What is the status of the Tunnel Rats video game and when can gamers expect to see that released?

We are done and just did a deal for Russia. Soon the rest of the world will be able to buy it.

10.) Finally, it must be difficult dealing with all of the negative things you have to endure when you promote your films. I have been asked by readers to ask you, what keeps you going as surely there must be days when you say to yourself you do not need all of the crap that goes on. Have you ever given serious thought to getting away from films for a while, or does your boxers mentality keep you in the fight for as long as it takes.

I will always be a fighter – I will die fighting.