Olivia Thrilby Talks about The Wackness and Juno

otRecently I got the chance to interview rising starlet Olivia Thrilby about her new film “The Wackness” as well as her time on the smash hit “Juno”. Olivia was kind enough to let us take a look inside the creative process of how she created her character Stephanie and what makes her tick.

GVK: What attracted you to the film?

OT: The script, and the fact that it was very New York centric. Jonathan also wrote a terrific script and the characters were very unique.

GVK: What did you do to prepare for playing Stephanie and how much of her is the real you?

OT: I was given a mix tape by Jonathan and watched a lot of Taxi. The tape was mostly 90’s anthems and I based a lot of Stephanie on myself. I gave her more ego and smugness than she had in the script, but she has those qualities.
I also remember the changes in the city during that time as there was a new Mayor and a real effort to clean up the city. I was only 8 in 1994, but I grew up in the area and remember that it used to be a very dirty city.

GVK: What are some of your favorite memories from the film?
OT: The music, and there was the scene with Josh shortly following being bailed out from jail. There was Manhattan and Mulberry Street and I just loved being there as it was very close to where I grew up and it was exciting to be making a film there.

GVK: What sort of music do you listen to?

OT: I love Jazz, old Hip-Hop and Indy Rock. Artists like My Morning Jacket, Modest Mouse, and I am so happy that D’Angelo is finally making a new CD.

GVK: What do you hope that audience will take away from the film?
OT: I would hope they would get that addressing your pain and not ignoring it is the key. It never works to skirt around the issues and you should address pain. I also hope people feel good after seeing the movie and enjoy the comedy, and get a desire to dig out some old cds.
GVK: Final question, did you have any idea when you were making “Juno” that it would take off like it did and become such a huge hit?
OT: Not at all which was a good thing as had we known what was to happen we would have been much more nervous and it would not be as fun to make as it was.