Upcoming DVDs for August

New and upcoming DVD releases.

American MallParamount DVD

If you are a fan of the High School Musical series or know someone who is, you will want to check out this film from the Executive Producers of the series. Music, romance, and more abound in this enjoyable offering complete with Deleted scenes, bonus features, and more.

Kenny VS Spenny Uncensored Season Volume One Paramount DVD.

From Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the minds behind the great South Park comes a humor filled look at reality shows as tow best friends take deparvity to a new level with utterly outrageous events and laughs. Loaded with bonus features.

Transformers Animated Season One.

From Paramount DVD. Loaded with action and a fun story, the heroic Autobots fight to protect the Allspark from the evil Decepticons. This is a really enjoyable film that is great for fans of all ages.

Sarah Winters Affinity
The classic romance novel comes to life with a tale of a 19th century socialite who comes to makle the lives of those in Millbank prison easier. The film has a nice supernatural angle and loads of bonus features.

Dexter Season 2

The highly entertaining Showtme series about a muedering vigilante who is wracked by guilt over his actions and his past. A truly amazing series that underscores some of the best television ever made. The set from Paramount Home DVD contains all 12 episodes as well as loads of bonus materials.

South Park Season 11

The Comedy Central series just keeps getting better and better. This set contains all 14 episodes including a very funny look at the Guitar Hero and the three part Imaginationland Episode. There is also a great parody of 24 and tons of biting social and ploitical commentary. Loaded with bonus features this is a must for fans.

The best of Comedy Central Presents 2

Comedy Central takes a look at Dave Attell, Frank Caliendo and more in this uncensored look at some of the fuinniest moments ever assembled. From Paramount DVD.

Chicago 10

A very informative and entertaining look at the anti war protest of the 1968 Democratic National Convention. Told through archive footage and animation, this is a amazing film that shows how despite forty years later, many of the same issues still remain.

PBS The Presidents.
Paramount has unleashed a very educational look at Presidents George H.W. Bush, Ronald Regan, Jimmy Carter, Nixon, LBJ, The Kennedys, Truman, FDR, Woodrow Wilson, and Teddy Roosevelt. A very in depth look at the men who shaped history that covers both their public and private lives.