Vince Desi of Running with Scissors Lashes out at the Beast of E3

E3: The Myth,
I’ve been to every E3, for better or worse. This E3 was a good show for RWS, we showed POSTAL III and got lots of great press and the RWS Badger Saw was called the Best Weapon of the show. But as a show, it was big bust. The first game expo I attended was in Las Vegas, it was the Consumer Electronics Show, aka CES, in 1982. Back then game companies were a big part of this general show, it was BIG in every way, and it was always very professional. By the ‘90s it was time for the game industry to have its own show, and E3 was born. Somewhere along the way, the show lost what it was all about — showcasing Games.

We’re all to blame. From greedy and politically motivated show organizers, to hypocritical publishers and super ego developers parading themselves as celebrities; even RWS was blamed for taking booth babes to a new high, or low, with our own Postal Babes. Every year E3 got worse, the show became more about who could be bigger and louder, and not about games. For a long time I’ve been saying games are for playing not watching, and now it seems like everything else in life when you lose your way, your focus, your purpose, you find yourself lost, standing [if you’re lucky] in a pile of crap, and just like most humans, blame, blame, blame. No one wants to take responsibility.

The Myth is over. E3 is dead. If we don’t get our heads out of our asses, and start paying attention to what’s going on in Washington D.C. and every state house, we will have played ourselves right out of our own industry. I hope you enjoy this issue of POSTAL NATION, we will always do our best to entertain you, because that’s what games are all about.

Vince Desi
Games are what people play