Gareth On The Radio Tuesday and an Interview on the Far Cry Movie


I just got back from having a look around the Expo Hall and picking up my pass. This looks great. Just wanted to let you all know that I will be looking at the top games of PAX Tuesday morning at 6:30 on the BJ Shea morning experience. BJ and Gabe had a nice segment this morning and I am really looking forward to the Weekend.

I come on the show 6-8 times a year to talk movies and games on behalf of my site
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Thought you might like this story they did. I have a very small part in the film but was up covering it. At least it is bigger than my part in POSTAL. They also have a link in the story for an interview I did with Uwe where he talks about Far Cry and the upcoming election. I figured since it is game related and he was a guest at PAX last year, you may find it interesting.

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See you at the Convention this weekend.