Her Best Move

Fresh off the triumphant Gold Medal performance of the U.S. Women’s soccer team, comes a delightful DVD that is ideal for the entire family. The film is “her Best Move” and it stars Leah Pipes as Sara Davis, a 15 year old Soccer prodigy who walks a razor thin line between her commitments’ to soccer, family, school, and her relationships.

While this would be a daunting task for most young people, the fact that Sara is being looked at by the U.S. National Team only adds to the intensity of her situation as this is a huge step up from playing and practicing for the local team.

While the film does offer some of the standard issues between parents, the boyfriend, and school that are common in many films of this type, it presents them in a very honest and refreshing way that is very enjoyable and fun and best of all, appropriate for all age groups.

The on field action is solid and the jokes are solid. Make sure to include this one the next time you are looking for a film the entire family can enjoy.