Jonathan McQuarry (Ewan McGregor), is a man who leads a simple and quite life. As an accountant, he lives in a world of numbers often at the expense of the world around him. One night while working late, he meets a man named Wyatt Bose (Hugh Jackman), and the two hit it off. Before long, Jonathan is joining Wyatt for lunch at clubs and opening up to him about his life.

After Wyatt heads overseas for business, Jonathan gets a call from a woman who asks one question “Are you free tonight? The phone call leads to a night of seduction with an attractive woman who is gone when the morning comes.

Jonathan is later called by Wyatt who asks him if he has been enjoying using his phone and encourages him to continue to do so. Over the next few weeks, Jonathan meets many woman using the secret club that Wyatt is a member of and keeps Wyatt updated on his happenings.

Jonathan meets a mystery woman S (Michele Williams), and decides to break the rules by starting a conversation with her. This leads to a series of events that has Jonathan being knocked out by a mysterious stranger after awakening in a room with a blood splattered bed.

As Jonathan attempts to get to the bottom of the situation he has found himself in, he finds himself unable to locate Wyatt and that the people at Wyatt’s office and apartment claim to have no knowledge of Wyatt.

Jonathan soon find out that Wyatt is not who he seems and finds himself being manipulated by Wyatt to move a large portion of funds that he has access through thanks to his work. Failure to do so will result in the death of S with Jonathan being the prime suspect.

What follows is a very tense thriller as Jonathan and Wyatt square off in a game of life and death.
“Deception” is a very entertaining story of sex and deception and is an enjoyable thriller. The cast is strong as McGregor and Jackson work well with one another and Williams does fine work in a supporting role. The picture and sound quality of the DVD are first rate and looks good on both standard and HDTV.

Deception is Rated R and is released via Fox Home Entertainment.
DVD features include
Director Marcel Langenegger
Behind the Scenes – Exposing the Deception:The Making of the Film
Deleted Scenes