Running With Scissors Goes Digital

Tucson, AZ In the unending quest to see its POSTAL games in the hands of gamers the world over, Running With Scissors has expanded its sales capability by signing a deal with GamersGate, which sends games, now including POSTAL, POSTAL 2 and POSTAL 2: APOCALYPSE WEEKEND, to consumers via a digital delivery (DD) system.

According to CEO Theodore Bergquist, “GamersGate is all about having fun, and with these games from Running With Scissors, things are getting funnier all the time. We’re glad to present POSTAL to the digital download community”.

GamersGate has been around since 2006 and stands as one of the most sought after digital distribution groups with a current list of partners that includes Vivendi, 2K Games, THQ, Capcom, Eidos, Atari, NCSoft and 90 other publishers. GamersGate currently boasts over 600 Pay-and-Play online games.

Not that digital distribution is anything new to the creators of the POSTAL franchise. “Long before anyone heard the name ‘Obama,’ Running With Scissors was at the forefront of digital distribution—back when it was called ‘streaming.’ Now, thanks to our friends at GamersGate, we are widening the porthole to fun. Running With Scissors doesn’t cut corners—we simply find ways to get around all obstacles.”

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