Tank Universal

In one of the more enjoyable retro-games to come along in a while, a one man team from New Zealand has crafted the enjoyable Tank Universal.

The game is heavily influenced by the movie “TRON” and the classic arcade games of the past as it relies in throwback 3D graphics, minimal set details and dialogue balloons to convey conversation rather than audio.

What the game may lack in polish, it more than makes up for in gameplay and level design as the action and enjoyment of the game are top rate fun.

Playing as a dying patient who dons a Virtual Reality headset, players are whisked inside a virtual world where they at first wander and explore the amazing new world they find themselves in.
It is learned that you are in the midst of a conflict and that brutality has been the name of the game.
After some cutscenes that sadly cannot be skipped during repeat playing, you end up in a tank tasked with several missions. It is at this point that the game truly takes off as the missions are very enjoyable. Later missions will task you with not only battling other tanks, but with attacking and gun emplacements, mechs, and spaceships.

A nice feature of the game is that through harvesting and collecting glyphs, you can open doorways for new tanks to arrive that will assist you on your missions.

Missions vary between capture the flag and search and destroy themes and sadly there is no multiplay option as well which makes Tank Universal and enjoyable yet slightly flawed throwback game.

3 stars out of 5