Farrelly Brothers to Stooge Out.

From Variety
MGM has engaged Peter and Bobby Farrelly to renew their quest to channel the comic mayhem of the Three Stooges into a contemporary comedy.

The MGM news marks a homecoming for both the Stooges as well as the Farrellys, who spent five years trying to make the Stooges movie at Warner Bros.

The studio has staked out a Nov. 20, 2009 release date on the film.

That puts the Stooges film up against the Robert Downey Jr. starrer “Sherlock Holmes,” and the animated film “Planet 51.” Disney has scheduled the male-skewing comedy “Old Dogs” with John Travolta for Nov. 25.

The Farrellys will direct the film and they will produce with Bradley Thomas and Charlie Wessler.

C3 Entertainment’s Earl and Robert Benjamin will be executive producers.

Before they began making the short films at Columbia for which they are best known, Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Curly Howard were hired by Louis B. Mayer to appear in several comedy features, films they made with Stooges founder Ted Healy.