Bruce Campbell Talks Evil Dead 4 and Spider-Man 4

As part of his promotional tour for his upcoming film “My name is Bruce”. Bruce Campbell talks with the guys on the top rated BJ Shea Show in Seattle. During the interview, Bruce refered to the idea of a 4th Evil Dead film as a Lose Lose Situation and compared it to Indiana Jones 4. He mentioned how when you ask a room full of people if they want another Indiana Jones film only one person would raise their hand and that is how he feels about bringing Ash back.

He also confirmed that Sam Raimi has agreed to do Spider-Man 4 and is hoping to geta part like a “Dogcather” or “Milkman”. At the end of the film he says that he and Sam will have to see about future segments in the Evil Dead series and said “Never Say Never, but there are reasons they have not done any more as they are very difficult to make.

You can listen to the full interview at the link below.