24: Redemption

Kiefer Sutherland is back as Jack Bauer in the latest chapter of the smash series 24 with a new prequel movie called 24: Redemption. The impressive two DVD set from FOX home entertainment is an action packed thrill ride that sets the stage for the long delayed 7th season of the show which fell victim to the writers strike.

The film begins with Jack Bauer working in an orphanage in Africa. Not only does Jack get to work with his friend Carl (Robert Carlyle), but he gets to move away from the pain and death that have plagued his life for the past several years, as well as the most recent betrayal of his father and the loss of his beloved Audrey at the end of season 6.

While events are about to unfold that will once again disrupt the tranquil life Jack has found, back in the U.S. preparations are underway for the first female president (Cherry Jones), to be sworn in, unaware that a conspiracy is already in place.
Jack’s life is interrupted when he is summoned to appear before a special session that is investigation that now closed C.T.U. (Counter Terrorism Unit), especially the methods Jack used to get his job done which included torture.

As if this was not enough for Jack to contend with, a vicious warlord is rounding up children to use as soldiers in his army and he has targeted the orphanage to supply his new bath of recruits. Despite his efforts to get away, Jack once again is driven to do the right thing, and takes up the defense of the children as he struggles to get them to the safety of the U.S. Embassy even though it will mark the end of the freedom and peace he has so long pursued.

The picture and sound quality are first rate and surpassed the quality of watching the original broadcast in HD. The set contains a longer cut with more footage as well as a look at the opening of the new season which looks to be more of the great action and drama that have made the series a classic.