Paramount DVD Reviews For March 2009

Paramount Home Entertainment has released several titles which are sure to entertain fans of all ages and are ideal for any collector.

The first up is South Park Season Twelve which continues the adventures of the outrageous 4th graders in South park Colorado. Kenny, Kyle, Stan, and Eric as well as their classmates and the town’s zany residents skew the cultural and political hot topics of the day including the Presidential elections, Britney Spears, AIDS, and The Internet

Loaded with zany and irreverent humor the complete 12th season is included and includes the classic “Heavy Metal”, parody where Kenny finds himself accompanying a very well endowed lady. Other classics in this 14 episode set include Over Logging where the world loses the internet and the resulting panic that follows.

Loaded with bonus material and sharp picture and sound quality, it is clear that this show just keeps getting better.

A different set of young people are featured in the Fourth Season of The Hills which contains all of the drama that made this show not only a huge hit but has made the cast darlings on the tabloids and trade publications.

Watch Spencer, Heidi, and Lauren as they deal with all of the drama, infighting, and romance of their lives which is captured by the cameras. Loaded with bonus features and great picture and sound, this is a must for fans of the show have

Rick and Steve is an outrageous animated series that looks at the lives of the two gay leads as they and their friends embark on a series of outrageous adventures. When their Lesbian rivals Kristen and Dana want to have a baby, they must decide between Rick and Steve to be the father. This of course not only leads to completion but hilarious results in this frank, adult, and very funny show.

Edward Norton and Richard Gere star in Primal Fear the Hard Evidence Edition. The story involves a lawyer, (Gere), who must defend a young man (Norton) accused of killing a leading member of the local clergy. At what at first seems to be an open and shut case soon leads to further complications when the evidence starts to uncover a much deeper and darker conspiracy. Filled with surprise twists and turns, the high quality picture and sound of this release underscores the power of the film and the performances within.