Sony DVD Releases March 2009

Sony Home Entertainment has released a series of collections that will provide hours of delight for fans and collectors alike.
First up is The Nanny The complete Third Season.

Fran Drescher returns as the nanny and in this laugh filled season gets in over her head with her shopping sprees, hosts a wild sweet sixteen party and has a crazy series of dates that all combine to make her life a hilarious and crazy adventure.
The third season features a list of impressive guest starts highlighted by Elizabeth Taylor. The set offers all 26 episodes of the third season and contains the rare “Oy to the World” holiday episode.

Barney Miller the complete third season.
The outrageous antics of the boys from the 12th Precinct are back in the funniest police series ever created. The clever series deftly combines humor and political commentary to look at the turbulent 70’s in New York as Hal Linden as Captain Barney Miller and his officers must contend with fires, elections, pollutions, and blackouts as well as some of the more crazy aspects of police work. The star studded list of guests include James Cromwell, Billy Barty, Brett Somers and many more. Even after all of the years, Barney Miller still remains as fresh and funny as it did when it was a staple of television viewing.

The Three Stooges Collection 1946-1948 Volume 5
Moe, Curly, and Larry return with 25 of their digitally remastered shorts. This 2 disc set contains fan requested segments that are presented in their original order.
During the filming of Half Wits Holiday Curly suffered a stroke and was replaced by Moe’s brother Shemp who himself was an original stooge. The set contains Curly’s return in Hold That Lion.
The enduring comedy team has never been better as the laughs and slaps fly in this masterful collection of the greatest slapstick team ever. This is an amazing set and a must own for Stooge and comedy fans.
Donnie Wahlberg stars with Leslie Hope in Runaway. The complete series is now available from Sony Home Entertainment and tells the story of wrongly accused attorney Paul Rader (Wahlberg), who must take his family into hiding in order to protect them and try to clear his name. Along the way, Paul learns of a deadly conspiracy that poses a greater threat than the constant threat of being discovered.

Shirley Jones stars in the fourth and final seson of everyones favorite music family, The Partridge Family. growing up this was a staple show for many people as the mix of comedy, romance, and music made Sean Cassidy a huge star and made the show a pop culture smash. I still remember Partridge Family lunch boxes and other collectors items. The 3 disc set contains all 22 episodes and contains the arrival of Ricky Segall as the little boy next door who irked many fans. the great Susan Dey and Danny Bonaduce added a much needed breath of fresh air to the season.

Everyones favorite witch Samantha returns in the complete seventh season of Bewitched.
All 28 episodes are here of the beloved comedy that features Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha, a witch who fell in love with and married a mortal man named Darren (Dick Sargent). This pairing did not sit well with most of Samantha’s family who show up often with hillarious results. The 7th season contains a landmark episode called Sisters at Heart which was written by a tenth grade class and dealth with the issue of racisim. A solid set that paved the way for the final season to come, this show is a true classic.