Emerald City Comic Con 2009

The Emerald City Comic Con has quickly grown from a collection of comic book artists and enthusiasts into a multi media gathering that has grown to include mainstream media yet not lose site of it’s origins as a comic convention. Many readers and listeners have mentioned to me that the San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic con have become to big, as they were embraced by Hollywood and became the place to promote the new movies and shows putting the emphasis more on the silver screen than on the printed page.

This year’s show was once again held at the Seattle Convention Center brought fans face to face with several genre artists as well as slew of talents from film and television. Guests included Ray Park of Star Wars, X-Men and G.I. Joe fame, Jewel Staite of Firefly, Aaron Douglas and Michael Hogan from Battlestar Galactica, Wil Wheaton of Star Trek TNG and Tahmoh Penikett of Battlestar Galactic and Dollhouse were just some of the impressive lineup.

I arrived early Saturday to setup my panel as I was presenting one of the two opening panels. Not only was I highly impressed with how well organized the convention was but with how helpful and efficient the staff were.

The very long line to get into the show was well managed and moved briskly and I made sure to venture up a few times before my panel to pass out some items.

After my panel, I was amazed at how well the staff had setup the SWAG line and had the items we brought to give out not only ready to go, but helped us pass out the items to the very long line that had gathered.

As we ventured through the crowds, I was greeted now and then by people who knew me from my writing and speaking engagements who were enjoying the show and I especially got a warm greeting from the Rebel Legions Star Wars fan club that had many members in attendance in highly detailed costumes from the Star Wars movies. I was happy to hear very nice feedback from guests who attended my panel and a few who said they had arrived late and wished they had made it. I informed them that the panel was taped and would be up for viewing after the weekend.

As I passed through the numerous stalls and displays, I took in the amazing array of costumes and vendors, and even had time to shoot a video segment for the guys at KISW 99.9 FM The BJ Shea Morning Experience who were in attendance. It was nice to see the guys from the show I appear on really enjoying the show and taking the time to interview many of the fans who were in attendance all of whom had nothing but raves to say about the show.

As in previous years, I was really impressed that commercialism and sales were not the main focus of the con and that fan enjoyment was the ultimate goal. Several artists took the time to hold workshops and answer the fans questions, and there was a real sense of community amongst the guests and talent. During the day there were also several lectures and panels being conducted where fans would be able to not only get the latest news, but ask questions of those in the know about everything from future and past projects to the creative process.

As good as the 2008 show was 2009 was even better, and I am looking forward to next year as it was the best convention I have attended in recent years.

Details are located at www.emeraldcitycomiccon.com

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