Monsters vs. Aliens

Based on the hit movie “Monsters vs. Aliens” by Dreamworks Animation, Activision has crafted a winning and enjoyable game that should delight younger gamers and provide some fun for older gamers as well.
The game allows players to play as any of the films characters B.O.B., The Missing Link, Insectosaurus, and Ginormica. Players can explore over 20 locales from the film including a secret government lab, Gallaxher’s ship, and San Francisco.

Armed with several unique moves, such as whip tail, clinging to walls, using cars as skates, and more, players have the ability to not only play as any character but can have a friend drop in and help out thanks to the games co-op mode.

Dr Cockroach PHD is also along for the fun and he not only assigns missions but provides all sorts of useful items to help players with their missions.

While older or more experienced gamers may find the game lacking any real challenge, the game is a lot of fun and is ideal for younger and more inexperienced players as well as for fans of the film.
The sound and graphics of the game are solid and relay help enhance the enjoyment of the game making it a must own for fans and younger gamers.

4 stars out of 5